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scrapping on a budget

I’m starting to see all kinds of posts, tweets, blogs and you name it about “scrapping on a budget.” Many of the suggestions are the same… “use your stash”… “digital scrap”… and few go behind that. So, what is it about scrapbooking that makes it become an “expensive” hobby?

I find that a lot of people are addicted to stuff. Part of that is societal (we are a consumer society) but with scrapbooking, it is almost a form of hoarding. They need the latest tool or newest paper. I admit to being guilty of it myself. It’s hard to say “no” to anything when your passion is affected. These little things start to add up and not many of us really use a budget, be it with a hobby or the groceries.

I’ve learned that the best way is to set a budget and stick with it. Sure, use your stash. Do more hybrid scrapping. Think about some of your supplies as “consumables” and consider what you really do and do not need. Can you use real world stuff? Perhaps that coaster from the bar where your husband proposed in place of some cool new $5 embellishment?

The reality is that scrapping is not so much about whether the items are acid free or photo safe as much as it used to be due to the advent of the digital camera. Most people today are not scrapping their ORIGINAL photos any more. Why? there really isn’t an “original” any more. More often than not, it resides on a disk now. Hopefully, we are appropriately archiving the disk now!

So what does this mean? It means that essentially anything you have that you want to save or use for embellishment can go in your scrapbooks now. So, does this mean doom for scrapbooking vendors? Likely not. People have developed an inclination to use the special papers they’ve become accustomed too. But, just like digital scrappers still spend money, paper scrappers will too. I do think they may be more thoughtful about their purchases though.

It isn’t so much being thoughtful now about the scrap page itself, but what is going into it too.


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“The Girl’s Loft”

Keep an eye out for this new scrapbook kit site, “The Girl’s Loft.” As excited as Margie is about getting this venture up and running, it should be exciting on launch day. Keep an eye out for 6/15/09! Be sure to check out Margie‘s blog too!

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Friends album

Here’s a sneak peek at my donation for our Brew City Showdown tournament.

Friends mini album with cards

Friends mini album with cards

You can see the whole album at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Used the My Minds Eye LLC “Bloom & Grow” kit with Close to My Heart stamps and inks.

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