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“it don’t come easy.”

I realized this (and know it is too simplistic) this morning while on the elliptical.  Cardio is really a pain to do.  A necessary evil if you will.  The painful part is pushing to where I get that “second wind” and it transfers to the high from doing whatever it is.  The point where you realize, you really can do this longer…

Either way, it was the realization that anything worth having isn’t cheap nor free.  Everyone wants something for nothing, but everything is really worth what you “pay” for it, be it in time, effort or hard cash.  When we truly EARN something, maybe that is why we treat it with much more respect and care.  We all want the quick fix – the diet pill, the magic 5 minute exercise …

So, following this meandering thought of mine, perhaps this is why we have become such a throw-away society?  We’ve “bought” so much on credit, never actually paying for it in most cases.  But, now a lot of people are paying dearly, by losing their homes, falling into bankruptcy, etc.  And the ultimate cost is perhaps some self-esteem, but certainly their credit worthiness.  Will that matter?  Obama wants us to spend spend spend and continue to be the throw-away society we were to keep the economy “good.”  Is that really what we need and should be doing?

Maybe we really need to think about what we WANT vs. what we NEED and remember “it don’t come easy” and get past the painful part and live on the cash we earn and not the “free” credit.  Because is anything “free” really worth having in the end?


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“The Girl’s Loft”

Keep an eye out for this new scrapbook kit site, “The Girl’s Loft.” As excited as Margie is about getting this venture up and running, it should be exciting on launch day. Keep an eye out for 6/15/09! Be sure to check out Margie‘s blog too!

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Beautiful trees

When we first moved into the house we live in, the roads were bad.  Very bad. They were crowned and without curbs.  We are in the city mind you.  We call it “rural” city though because we still don’t have sidewalks in our little bit of the city.  There were beautiful 40-50 year old trees lining our street, arching over and spanning the street with their canopy.  They were part of the charm of the neighborhood and part of why we chose the home we moved to.

Did I mention the roads were bad.  Very bad?  So, two years into living here, the roads needed to be replaced.  First on the street was the tree removal team.  NO!  Not my trees!  With the power of prayer, miraculously they stopped cutting in front of my house.  Our trees did not need to be removed.  They did not go into where the new street would be.  They planted new trees to replace all those cut down though.  I remember thinking how long it would take for those trees to really “replace” the ones cut down…

Fast forward now over 20 years… This morning, I came home from my gym to see trees lining the street, arching gracefully and creating a canopy over it.

It was a beautiful thing.  Pictures were needed.  I am currently camera-less while my Pentax is broke broke (yes really broke) and in the shop.  Sigh.  I’ll have to wait for another beautiful morning later in the year when it’s back.

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Monday, Monday…

Wow.  What a weekend.  It’s a perfect example of why this is “too much to do.”

Before we started even, Friday was busy busy busy.  My parents’ condo was finally sold and closed.  Kind of bittersweet.  Had a little cheer that it was finalized but then realized it was final.  It is now someone else’s home and I wish Patty a lot of good times in her new home.  I keep her and her daughter in my prayers as well on this journey of theirs.

Then, on to our tournament and had our first game at 7:45pm on Friday, so the weekend was officially under way.  Lost 3-1 but played hard and we did well.  Stayed and watched our “sister” C team, the Mojitos play too.  And then, didn’t get home until close to midnight only be to up at 6am the next day to return!

Ugh!  That’s where in my hurry to get stuff in, I dropped my DSLR.  It will be 4-6 weeks until I know how much it will cost to repair.  I know replacement cost and it isn’t a whole lot more than what they think the repairs will be.  I’m sooooo lost without my camera.  Those little digitals just can’t replace my DSLR.

Spent the day at the tournament at my assigned spots and just in general filling in and being one of Milwaukee’s hospitable hostesses for the weekend.  Every participant that I spoke with said they were having good games, good fun & enjoyed the tournament.  Hopefully we had some good fund raising for NOF too!  Lost our 2nd game too but had great fun and skated hard.  Didn’t get home until after midnight and totally crashed after rising the hockey smell off….

Sunday was another good day.  We finally won one, against one of our local rivals no less.  Had more good fun and took care of all the raffles too.  We have some issues scoring goals.  Need to work on that over the summer.

And yet, I am here awake and wishing there was more hockey today.  And wishing really hard that I didn’t drop my camera in the parking lot.  My core is sore like I’ve never exercised before and I know better.  Games were a little more physical than they have been in a while.  

And Monday is here again.  Back to reality.  Whether I want to or not.

Happy Monday all!

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Another mini album

This is a mini album I did for my daughter after the loss of baby Harvey.  Lots of Basic Grey product (love it!)  This album was very therapeutic to do.



The full album can be seen at Two Peas in a Bucket here.

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Friends album

Here’s a sneak peek at my donation for our Brew City Showdown tournament.

Friends mini album with cards

Friends mini album with cards

You can see the whole album at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Used the My Minds Eye LLC “Bloom & Grow” kit with Close to My Heart stamps and inks.

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Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog…. you can catch up on my musings, last night’s Red Wing’s score or see my uploaded scrapbook pages.  Plenty to keep us all occupied!

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