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Regaining the edge

It seems I’ve lost that “edge” that drive that I need to really push the envelope. The edge that I’m looking for is what makes me work hard. It’s the drive that makes me want to push to the top, not just complete, but complete and compete and be my best.

So, I’m going to need to do some soul searching. I’m going to need to do a review of what it took to make me push that envelope.

I know with my hockey, it was anger of sorts. It was frustration. It was a drive to prove that I could do this and I could be better.

With my scrapping, it might be that I’ve been so busy learning. And in that learning, I’ve been doing what others have done and lifting, following directions, following and not leading while I’m learning.

Some of it may be complacency on both ends. A security that what I’m doing is “ok” and really, it is all ok. I feel a need to push it again and need to regain this.

My hockey, I know, needs to regain some of the anger. Some of the need to prove that I can do what I can and be better and push to the top. I think I can regain some of that drive. I’ve not pushed my healthy well being as much over the last few months and this is only a piece of that puzzle. Exhaustion to some degree has factored in here and I feel as if I’ve done some rejuvenation and am ready to push again.

I’ll be working on this journey. I feel as if I am not the only one here, and perhaps way too many people have become complacent with me. Join me on my journey.


March 1, 2010 - Posted by | Musing

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