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Are you caught up?

I used to worry about it. A lot. I was never going to be caught up with my scrapbooking. I was always going to be behind. It was awful. How could this hobby actually overtake me in such a way to cause this stress?

Then, I started in on something even worse. I started redoing some of my pages.GASP! How could I? Now I’d be even further behind!

Well, it taught me something. It taught me to stop scrapping chronologically. It allowed me to back off and be a little more creative in what I was doing. And, it took the stress away.

How many times I have heard about someone “finishing” this book or that book and I’ve though, ok, so some part of your life is done. But what have you recorded but events? Our lives are full of events, but so many chronological scrappers are recording birthdays and holidays or school events and extra-curricular activities. But how many of us have CAPTURED the essence of our lives when we do that? The stuff that makes us family historians…. and how many of us actually capture ourselves in our scrapbooks.

Redoing those first few pages allowed me to step back and take a look at the photos and see more deeply into them. With the help of a few other things, such as Stacy Julian’s “Photo Freedom” and “Big Picture Scrapbooking,” I’ve allowed myself to step away from chronological scrapping and really scrapbook the stuff of LIFE.

Doing this for me, has made scrapbooking, as Ali Edwards calls it, life art. I take our bits and pieces of life and make it art. I like to refer to it as mixed media art (except of course when I digi scrap 🙂 ).

And now, I know I have taken this “hobby” and made it something that will hopefully last forever and be treasured because it will be bits and pieces of our family in a way that hopefully shows our ancestors who we were and what we thought and felt.


December 10, 2009 - Posted by | Musing, scrapbooking

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