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Starstuck? Shallow? Values?

I’d heard that the Michael Jackson memorial service drew 50% more viewers than our last Presidential Inauguration. It was a stop and think moment I mean, seriously, do we place more value in our entertainers (including professional athletes, because that is what they do, entertain), than we do in the workings of our world?

I’m not saying we should stop and watch the pageantry of an inauguration. But what is it that draws us to pay more attention to entertainment than the business of our lives? Is it the escapism we are looking for? The dreams they present? Even so, this last election should have provided dreams for many (albeit many saw their dreams disappear as well).

It’s probably time we step back and evaluate for ourselves the “why” we become obsessed with celebrity of any sort. Even the inaugurations become celebrity events. Are our lives so devoid of passion that we must watch others?

Our lives are by no means ordinary even though we think they are. Every one of us has exceptional things in our day. Each day is a little miracle. We should be sharing that and create passion in our day to day.

Get involved in something you do feel passionate about. Make your life worth something more than your day to day monotony. We each in our own way make a difference in the world. Make it an active difference, not just a “not doing something” difference.

Because sometimes, our inaction is the worst action of all.


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