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Tough times…

So, you think it’s rough now? Not really any worse than any other recession we’ve been through. Although the recession about 1973-74 I don’t recall very well (I’ve been told that you had to be in the work force to remember it and most of those just entering it then are now retiring).

I do remember 1981 like it was yesterday. I’d been in the full time work force just a few years and was making over minimum wage with a whopping pre-tax monthly income of $800 a month. We’d made the mistake of believing we should live on our two incomes and started in an apartment costing $350 a month, which quickly went to $425 a month. Well, that was 25% of what our pre-tax was so we thought it was ok. Until one of us was out of work and it wasn’t me.

That was really the beginning of our journey into learning what was a “need” and what was a “want.” We downsized into a smaller apartment, not as nice and in a slightly less desirable neighborhood (which interestingly now is an “up and coming” area). But, our rent went down to a doable $280 a month. Wow.

We sold one of the cars and I took the bus, walking 6 blocks to get to it too. That alone saved gas and an insurance bill. It lasted about a year and then we were given a 10 year old station wagon. We put some money into it, but it was transportation.

So, why now is it so difficult for people to let go of things that they believe that they cannot live without? So many conveniences that aren’t essential to life? Dinner out, pre-prepared foods, cable/satellite, cell phones… etc…

I remember when we had to cut money from the budget and the first thing gone from the grocery bill was potato chips. It took us YEARS to buy them again and I still don’t unless we are entertaining! But, everyone is different. I just don’t want to support the people that are unwilling to try to help themselves first I guess.


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