Too Much to Do

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“it don’t come easy.”

I realized this (and know it is too simplistic) this morning while on the elliptical.  Cardio is really a pain to do.  A necessary evil if you will.  The painful part is pushing to where I get that “second wind” and it transfers to the high from doing whatever it is.  The point where you realize, you really can do this longer…

Either way, it was the realization that anything worth having isn’t cheap nor free.  Everyone wants something for nothing, but everything is really worth what you “pay” for it, be it in time, effort or hard cash.  When we truly EARN something, maybe that is why we treat it with much more respect and care.  We all want the quick fix – the diet pill, the magic 5 minute exercise …

So, following this meandering thought of mine, perhaps this is why we have become such a throw-away society?  We’ve “bought” so much on credit, never actually paying for it in most cases.  But, now a lot of people are paying dearly, by losing their homes, falling into bankruptcy, etc.  And the ultimate cost is perhaps some self-esteem, but certainly their credit worthiness.  Will that matter?  Obama wants us to spend spend spend and continue to be the throw-away society we were to keep the economy “good.”  Is that really what we need and should be doing?

Maybe we really need to think about what we WANT vs. what we NEED and remember “it don’t come easy” and get past the painful part and live on the cash we earn and not the “free” credit.  Because is anything “free” really worth having in the end?


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